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The attack on $10,000 of Bitcoin has stirred people who see evidence of a bubble. They're even riskier than trading the cryptocurrency on the road upward, although there are ways to wager on a crash.


The options to bitcoin are through exchanges that are unregulated, and risky bitcoin's volatility. Not to mention it has been a fantastic year for bitcoin bears given that the 10-fold surge in price. However, for those daring enough to try, there are ways to gamble against the rise of bitcoin.


"All the options to brief in common markets are getting to be available from the bitcoin marketplace," explained Charles Hayter, co-founder of marketplace tracker CryptoCompare. "There is pretty good liquidity for shorting bitcoin. With shorting the Nasdaq for instance, the main difference is, so there is a lot more danger, it will be much more volatile. The rate to borrow are also a little higher."


Contracts for Difference


Among the most well-known strategies to bitcoin is by way of CFDs, a derivative that mirrors the asset's motions. It is a contract between the customer and the broker, where the purchaser and seller of the CFD agree to settle any rise or drop in costs in cash.


"CFD is presently a great marketplace if you would like to brief bitcoin, particularly before this landmark 10K mark, which we think will bring some retracement," said Naeem Aslam, a chief market analyst in TF Global Markets in London, that offers the contracts. "The rest could push the cost well over $10,100, and it would be in that place when we could see some retracement."


Margin Trading


Another way to bitcoin is through margin trading, which enables traders to borrow the cryptocurrency from an agent. The trade goes both ways; a dealer can raise their long or short condition through leverage. Depending on the stocks kept as collateral to repay the debt, this option increases the bitcoin trade that is risky. Bitfinex, among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, necessitates initial equity of 30 percentage of the position.


Short-margin trading positions on Bitfinex were at around 19,188 bitcoins on Monday, versus 23,931 long positions, based on, which monitors data on the bourse.


Borrow to Short Bitcoin


The majority of the brokerages that allow margin trading will also let customers borrow bitcoin to short without the leverage. This is going to be a method to bet bitcoin cost will collapse.


Futures Contracts


The futures market is not as broadly developed as margin trading and CFDs, but it's still possible to make bets together with choices on bitcoin. For the time being, LedgerX is the only regulated exchange and clearing representative for cryptocurrency options from the U.S. The CME Group Inc., and the Chicago Board Options Exchange have both asked for approval to record bitcoin futures, so that may open up the marketplace to more investors.



Shorting Bitcoin ETNs


Investors can also indirectly gamble against bitcoin by shorting exchange exchanged notes with vulnerability to the cryptocurrency, like Stockholm-based Bitcoin Tracker One, and Grayscale Investments LLC's Bitcoin Investment Trust. The risk is that these notes do not always trade with bitcoin so that the vulnerability won't be perfect.


Aslam at TF Global Committee stated he does not see a rise in demand for bitcoin.


"Right now as of this minute, the race remains to the upside," he said.